Many More Uses of Pectin

Pectin is commonly used as a demulcent in throat lozenges. A demulcent is the substance that helps to soothe irritated or inflamed skin and also internal parts of the mouth, throat, and nose. One well known product that is used in this way is the Throat Lozenge that is made by Ludens®. It is also used in many common laxatives, perhaps the best well known is Kaopectate®, although this formula was changed in 2002.

Manufacturers of many healthcare products depend on pectin when they are trying to create an ‘all-natural’ or non-animal binder in lotions, facial creams, and other types of makeup.

Many cigar aficionados will use liquid pectin as glue on torn or ripped cigar wrapping papers, as opposed to the usual vegetable glue.
More recently, pectin was found to be a great addition to bread. On top of all the health benefits discussed earlier, pectin adds moistness to bread, especially the drier, grainier whole wheat type breads, and also works to replace fats in bread.

It is used as a binder in many medical applications, from wound bandages to the key binder in pills. In store bought—‘pre-mixed’ chocolate milk, it is used to make one and two percent milk have the same texture as whole milk. In the less expensive ice-creams and sorbets, drinkable yogurts, protein shakes and energy drinks—pectin is found to be an ingredient to thicken, smooth, fill, etc. etc.

Of the hundreds and possibly thousands of uses, discovered and undiscovered, perhaps the most common use of pectin is (of course) to make jam and jelly gel. Without this important discovery we never would have blueberry jam, or crab-apple jelly, or even jello. What about the famous chocolate pies, lemon meringues and other fruit pies? Life would be a lot less tasty and satisfying had it not been for the discovery of pectin.